Touching lives and Revolutionizing Digital Marketing — Chansanith Um

3 min readSep 21, 2020
Youngest Digital Marketer from Cambodia — Chansanith Um
Making ripples in the Digital Marketing field — Chansanith Um

We all live in the digital age. Today there are over 2.7 billion Facebook accounts. 400 Facebook accounts are created every minute and an average user spends at least 38 minutes a day on social media.

Modern-day marketing is digital. Everyone is running a rat race behind likes, shares and views.

Business expectations have sky-rocketed. Everyone wants their website to be the first result on Google, have the most number of followers and bring out the best content.

To deliver such expectations, you need to hire the best in the business. At 25 years, Chansanith Um has mastered the art of digital marketing and is one of the most versatile individuals in the field.

The youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneur from Cambodia, Chansanith has his career focused on achieving success digitally. He has empowered several businesses and individuals to level up against their competition to stand out.

Starting the entrepreneur life while continuing his education, he has contributed to over 500+ campaigns in his digital marketing career enabling him to grow as a professional in the industry.

Here’s what differentiates Chansanith from the rest!

While a majority of the other digital professionals have theoretical knowledge, none of them has the hands-on approach to the subject with a proven track record like him.

Over the years, he has worked with renowned brands for their social media campaigns to achieve their targets. His success story also includes working with production teams for commercials on social media.

That’s not all. He has collaborated with multiple brands to build over 20 Facebook pages and his primary page boasts of a fan base of over 1.6 million followers.

He is widely known in the digital marketing industry to be an innovative professional bringing out originality in what he does. His organic and paid campaign management is one of the best in the industry.

This skill set has allowed him to be a part of the top 10% of the digital marketers that you can hire.

Dedicated to giving his best!

Clients who work with Chansanith never fail to mention the professionality that he brings to the table. He has helped countless businesses and individuals to grow from zero to success.

“When we got started with Chansanith, we were confused about our digital strategy. But what was great is that he (Chansanith) was able to see through our business lines and provide us with a complete strategy for digital.”

“He is a digital marketing professional that I recommend to anyone” was feedback from one of Chansanith’s clients.

Touching Lives!

According to Chansanith, today’s marketers have forgotten that they are dealing with people. Instead, they run behind metrics and statistics and forget about the people.

For Chansanith, Digital Marketing is about touching people’s lives.

“We forget that we are dealing with another actual person on the other side of the screen and not a computer.”

“We touch lives with our digital marketing campaigns and on social media. By that, we try to make a difference in their lives with our content. That is something we should always live by.”

Chansanith is dynamic, and that quality has equipped him to keep up with the changing digital world. Every day, there is something new happening in the digital world.

Companies need to adapt to changes to keep up with the tide. As digital marketers, it is the importance to predict these new trends to advise brands to change.

With Chansanith as your Digital Marketing Manager, you can never go wrong.