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8 min readFeb 21, 2022
Thorum specialty rings for the special occasions

Rings — the timeless instrument surrounding the finger with no beginning or end has a rich enchanted history. A ring is not just a piece of metal or other material in your finger; it is a representation of you — the emotions, the love, and the connections.

In fact, you are also part of the 6,000-year-old tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs initially used rings, and they symbolized eternity with the exchange of rings — because of its circular shape, the rings marked no beginning and no end. And since the circular shape resembled the sun and the moon, it reflected the true existence of life.

Over the years, rings have evolved, coming in different styles, materials, and standards, but the symbolism remains the same. In many ways, the love and emotion we dedicate to a ring are no different from our ancestors. The rings continue to symbolize this union, and the guilt for eternity, even 6,000 years down the line.

If we look at modern-day rings, we are at a time where we see rings evolve to become even more diverse and unique than ever before. The ring has become a celebration token that symbolizes the special moments in our lives. We now see rings from the traditional wedding ring signifying several other events in our lives. We have engagement rings, promise rings, birthstone rings, and other rings created to mark special occasions.

More than just a design element, rings also speak of pure emotion, love, and connection that are guilt within this masterpiece. There’s a story within every ring — for the owner and the ring maker. Inspired by the passion for crafting timeless memories uniquely to celebrate connections, Thorum was born in 2012.

Today Thorum is one of the leading wedding ring makers who’s defying the norms in crafting something exceptional in value to make every moment extra special.

The Story so far

Early images of the first set up in 2012. Pictured is founder Caleb Martin at work

In 2012, the entire idea of making rings came to light. In 2012, founder Caleb ventured on to create wood rings out of pallet wood. The rings that came off a $15 belt sander were immaculate. While everyone else was rallying behind gold and silver rings, the rings had a special place since they were carved out of wood.

Little did Caleb know that the effort he took in 2012 was the foundation for something great. Ever since the pallet rings came into existence, there was this desire to convert this to a business. Towards the latter half of 2012, the business took off under Thorum.

Thorum differentiated from the existing market and created timeless masterpieces with a story to tell, making the moments extra special. From humble beginnings in 2012, Thorum grew, and several new ring types were introduced to its line.

These included Antler rings, guitar string rings, meteorite rigs, and whiskey barrel rings. A few years down the line, there came further new additions. In 2015, a Titanium guitar string wedding ring was introduced, followed by Damascus and dinosaur bone rings.

As Thorum continued innovating and creating new masterpieces, the business grew. New equipment in the form of a CNC Lathe helped expand while maintaining the unique promise to every customer.

With time, the equipment also saw an upgrade.

Fast forward to today, Thorum is proudly a family-owned ring maker operating out of Tampa, Florida. The unique design, the blend of materials, and the marksmanship have helped the business become one of the most demanded ring makers across the globe.

Today, Thorum has a five-employee operation that manages everything from crafting to ensuring that every ring gets delivered to the customer at the right time. While Caleb continues to bring in the magic with his unique approaches in creating everlasting masterpieces, his work is carried through with the help of his wife and his employees, who share the same passion as him.

The significance

Standing out is what the Thorum rings do. Seen here is The Freya — hammered gold wedding band

In the sea of your traditional men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding rings, Thorum holds a special place with its elegant, exquisite pieces. Wedding rings are meant to be unique, and they shouldn’t be just tagged as just another piece of jewelry.

Today, as the industry gets more mainstream, the focus on detail uniqueness is slowly taking a back seat. Jewelry makers are now shifting to focus on profits and revenue, making wedding rings boring.

Everyone is in pursuit of finding unique wedding rings, but not everyone succeeds in doing so. Most of the time, you’ll be prey to most of the lavish marketing that the top-tier brands tell you. But there’s a story hidden inside in every ring that Thorum crafts.

Thorum is giving its best effort to keep the age-old tradition that symbolizes eternity unique and exquisite. Instead of relying on the traditional approaches, all rings that you will find on Thorum are crafted uniquely to amplify their significance.

You’ll find a meteorite ring that contains actual remains from a meteorite remains guilt with gold, rings made out of remains of World War II rifles, rings out of desert ironwood, and rings from titanium.

Here’s a look at a few of the different rings that Thorum lists.

Meteorite Rings

When you think of a wedding band, the usual materials that come to your mind will be gold, silver, and probably platinum. But what if you could go for unique wedding rings that are created with a metal that is one-of-a-kind?

That’s where Thorum’s Meteorite Rings come into play.

A meteorite is a piece of comet, asteroid, or meteoroid that passes through the atmosphere and reaches the surface of a planet. The debris from the fallen meteorites is used in the blend for the diverse meteorite rings produced.

What makes meteorite rings special is their natural patterns resulting from nickel-iron crystals growing as the heated meteorite cools down over millions of years. And considering that meteorite materials are rarer than even platinum, there is always a reason to have a wedding ring to be a meteorite ring.

Each Meteorite ring that Thorum sells has a unique tale. Here are the top sellers in the meteorite ring category that you cannot miss.

The Thor –

Unique, just like Thor’s mjölnir

Everyone’s heard of the famous fable of Thor and his hammer mjölnir (thanks to Marvel’s epic movies series). The hammer that only Thor (sometimes Captain America) could only wield is set to be made out of a meteorite.

Inspired by Thor, this wedding ring is designed to feature remnants from the Gibeon meteorite on the inlay. The iron filings are milled out of a large block of the Gibeon meteorite, sourced from Namibia, and then set for the inlay.

The Gibeon meteorite is set to be nearly 4 billion years old and could be the oldest meteorite inlay that is used.

The Thor can be a perfect men’s wedding ring for its uniqueness and value.

Black Meteorite –

A collection of two rings — the Black Meteorite ring is crafted from fillings from the Gibeon meteorite

Another masterpiece, the Black Meteorite ring, is guilt from the meteorite fillings from the Gibeon meteorite. This features a sandblasted tungsten core, and the ring represents a modern futuristic design with a rustic finish.

The Armstrong –

The Armstrong, comes with inlaid iron fillings from the Gibeon Meteorite and consists of 18k Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide

Another favorite pick in the Meteorite rings category, the Armstrong, comes with inlaid iron fillings from the Gibeon Meteorite and consists of 18k Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide. The Rose gold compliments what’s on the inside and is a perfect women’s wedding ring for anyone who wants to look at making their wedding day special.

Wood Rings

Another exciting range in Thorum’s offerings is the wood rings. Each of these wood rings is made out of fine exquisite wood. Hardwoods are typically the choice of use when it comes to wood rings. Wood wedding bands come with a wood inlay with titanium and tungsten bands, and together they make the perfect wedding ring.

In most cultures, wood symbolizes strength and growth, something any couple could aspire to be. Many wedding anniversaries also feature wood as an element, and an anniversary ring in wood would complete the ceremony. Don’t assume that wood is mainly masculine. There are stunning women’s wedding rings in Thorum’s range, made of ironwood for men and women alike.

Here are a few of the favorites:

The Hercules –

The Hercules with a smooth rustic look made out of Ironwood

The Hercules is one of the best sellers and is made out of the hardest timber in the world — Ironwood. Ironwood is known for its incredible strength and its beauty. In the Hercules, you will find a smooth rustic look on the outside.

The Zeus –

Combining the two worlds — the name Zeus was inspired by the Greek god, who was the most powerful

Another bestseller, The Zeus, has a unique Desert Ironwood timber inlay hammered with a rustic dark gray Tungsten Carbide core. Tungsten carbide is the most rigid modern metal, and the ring gives out an authentic feel. Combining the two worlds — the name Zeus was inspired by the Greek god, who was the most powerful of them all.

Thorum — Novelty ring makers to the world!

Rings are an everlasting promise, and they’ve been in existence for 6,000 years, and they will continue to exist for another 6,000. In this modern age, Thorum has created a unique value proposition, introducing timeless crafts with significance. From a small establishment based in a garage, Thorum has evolved to be a ring maker capturing a worldwide audience while maintaining its uniqueness.

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